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Welcome. I'm Amanda (Mandy), 25, female, afro-latina, currently living in Texas. (temporally living in Perú again) This is my personal blog where I speak about feminism, racism, body positivity and happiness in general. Think of this as a healing space.

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If men’s kindnesses toward women were really only kindnesses, a man would be pleased if another man or woman offered these kindnesses to him. He would be pleased if another man or woman lit his cigarette or pulled out his chair for him. He would be pleased to derive his income, prestige, power and even his identity from his partner. He would take pride in another man’s or woman’s offer to walk him to his car at night. But in fact, “one of the very nasty things that can happen to a man is his being treated or seen as a woman, or womanlike.
(Frye 1983, p. 136).”

Dee L.R. Graham (1995), Loving to Survive

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Yeah!  This reality hit me a few months ago when a teenage boy at work said to another teenage boy, “ladies first!” in order to insult him.  Chivalry is not about respect or kindness.

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i really hate people who think that “freedom of speech” means “i can be as rude and insulting as i want and you’re not allowed to get mad”

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So far, I have been enjoying the Adventures of Business Cat a great deal, possibly more than is appropriate for an adult human. (All of these are from the webcomic Happy Jar)

UPDATE: Now with more Business.

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SMFH. This is wrong on so many levels./

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do action movies know they can have more than one female character

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Heyyy could everyone please go vote yes for KimK on the Time thingy and also reblog this post because I don’t know anyone that dislikes Kim for non misogynistic reasons and she doesn’t deserve that.


Uhh she’s getting everything she wants because she’s an intelligent, hard working, business savvy woman who is so amazing. Fuck this shit. Vote for Kim Kardashian!!!

y’all know I voted for Kim



How can rape by giving a drug or intoxicant to a person that renders them unable to give consent have a minimum sentence of 0-15 years but possession of drugs without being used for rape has a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years to life?

its almost like we have legalized the systematic oppression of women and people of color

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[Image description: Helen Keller sits by a radio, with her hand over it, in order to feel the vibrations of the music playing]

Helen Keller wrote the following letter to the New York Symphony Orchestra in 1924, describing listening to the “Ninth Symphony” composed by Beethoven - who was also deaf - over the radio: 

“Dear Friends:

I have the joy of being able to tell you that, though deaf and blind, I spent a glorious hour last night listening over the radio to Beethoven’s “Ninth Symphony.” I do not mean to say that I “heard” the music in the sense that other people heard it; and I do not know whether I can make you understand how it was possible for me to derive pleasure from the symphony. It was a great surprise to myself. I had been reading in my magazine for the blind of the happiness that the radio was bringing to the sightless everywhere. I was delighted to know that the blind had gained a new source of enjoyment; but I did not dream that I could have any part in their joy. Last night, when the family was listening to your wonderful rendering of the immortal symphony someone suggested that I put my hand on the receiver and see if I could get any of the vibrations. He unscrewed the cap, and I lightly touched the sensitive diaphragm. What was my amazement to discover that I could feel, not only the vibration, but also the impassioned rhythm, the throb and the urge of the music! The intertwined and intermingling vibrations from different instruments enchanted me. I could actually distinguish the cornets, the roil of the drums, deep-toned violas and violins singing in exquisite unison. How the lovely speech of the violins flowed and plowed over the deepest tones of the other instruments! When the human voices leaped up thrilling from the surge of harmony, I recognized them instantly as voices more ecstatic, upcurving swift and flame-like, until my heart almost stood still. The women’s voices seemed an embodiment of all the angelic voices rushing in a harmonious flood of beautiful and inspiring sound. The great chorus throbbed against my fingers with poignant pause and flow. Then all the instruments and voices together burst forth – an ocean of heavenly vibration – and died away like winds when the atom is spent, ending in a delicate shower of sweet notes.

Of course this was not “hearing,” but I do know that the tones and harmonies conveyed to me moods of great beauty and majesty. I also sense, or thought I did, the tender sounds of nature that sing into my hand-swaying reeds and winds and the murmur of streams. I have never been so enraptured before by a multitude of tone-vibrations.

As I listened, with darkness and melody, shadow and sound filling all the room, I could not help remembering that the great composer who poured forth such a flood of sweetness into the world was deaf like myself. I marveled at the power of his quenchless spirit by which out of his pain he wrought such joy for others – and there I sat, feeling with my hand the magnificent symphony which broke like a sea upon the silent shores of his soul and mine.” 



This CANNOT happen. It can. not. happen. 




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♡ ♡✮cute lesbian blog✮♡ ♡

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Emma your gay is showing

No but seriously. Emma looks at Regina so lovingly. It’s like they’ve been married for decades. And they are not even married, but that look Emma gives her is so full of devotion. I love it. best scene of the  series so far, as a quiet family scene. Emma is so domestic when it comes to Regina. I swear it’s as if this is all someone’s dream and in reality Emma and Regina have been married since before they had Henry. Emma never looked at anyone like this. Not with lust or youthful infatuation but with actual mature grown up love.


"moronic puppies" lol. but so true. And you are right Regina and Snow do have the same expression. The more I stare the more I see. Still… "moronic puppies" lol

This is beautiful tho. Snow and Regina both just sitting there, smug look on their faces like *look how devoted our lovers moronic puppies are to us. And Emma and Charming are both just sitting there like *Damn my woman is fine. Try to concentrate. Head out of the gutter. Porn. Damn it.

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